The Big Move!

By Vince McCarty

Moving can be stressful and difficult, a process no one particularly enjoys. However, the time came for Inste Global Bible College (IGBC) to move from its former location at Real Life Church in Ankeny, Iowa, to its new home at Experience Church in Des Moines, Iowa. We thank Pastor Josh DeGroote and the congregation at Real Life Church for providing IGBC with the office space INSTE enjoyed for many years.  

Vince McCarty (left) and Lauro Reyna

We communicated with Rev. Charles Cole, lead pastor of Experience Church (an Open Bible church in the Des Moines area), about the possibility of renting some office space from them. He and his congregation kindly offered to dedicate space for the IGBC offices in their new building located on East Euclid Ave.  

He said, “We want to be a blessing to IGBC,” and they have been. This opportunity was truly an answer to prayer. The move from Ankeny to Des Moines was delayed due to the COVID pandemic and a construction setback; however, that gave us time during the first part of 2021 to downsize and get rid of filing cabinets, bookcases, and other furniture we wouldn’t have room for at the new office. In the second week of May we were granted permission for partial occupancy of the new building, so we began the move-in process. After moving 150 boxes of books (though it felt like a million), 10 filing cabinets, and an overabundance of files and paperwork, we finally got moved into the new facility.   

We thank the entire IGBC staff for all their hard work in preparing for this big move and Pastor Charles and Experience Church for being so accommodating. We pray the Lord blesses them for providing such a great office space for us.  

Gina Reyna, digital course developer
Pastor Josh DeGroote & Vince
Lois McCarty, office manager
Rylee Ward, shipping manager and social media director

News and Updates: 

INSTE graduation in Rapid City, SD
  • During the pandemic INSTE continued to grow. It provided a sense of community and connectedness for participants during this difficult time. Many groups shifted to meet virtually and take their exams online, thus continuing their studies despite restrictions and shutdowns. To read about the latest updates, please click  
  • We recently celebrated our first graduation since COVID lockdowns. It was held in Rapid City, South Dakota, with 11 Diploma Program graduates. On August 7, 2021, we will celebrate another graduation of 8 Diploma Program graduates and 2 Advanced Certificate graduates in Miami, Florida.  
  • The translation of the Level 2 Diploma Program into Chinese is nearing completion, and Ricky Poon, Assistant Dean of Chinese Studies, and Nick Venditti, President Emeritus of IGBC, will travel to Taiwan this fall to train new Diploma Program facilitators and launch the Diploma Program. Please continue to keep this in prayer. 
  • Also continue to pray for the translation of INSTE into a South Asian language and for INSTE to be a strategic discipleship and leadership training tool in this challenging region of the world. To read about the latest updates, please click 

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About the Author

Vince McCarty serves as the Executive Director of Global Missions, giving oversight to Open Bible’s work in 46 countries of the world. He would like us to remember that the Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together. 

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