Trial & Triumph Performs in Iowa Falls, Iowa

Even though Iowa Falls, Iowa, is a town with a population of just over five thousand, the churches in the community manage to host an annual Christian concert attended by approximately two thousand people!

Area churches work together as part of the Greenbelt concert committee. This year marked the tenth year they sponsored a free, unforgettable night of music for their community. This year’s concert, part of the Trial & Triumph Tour featuring the Christian band I Am They with special guests Dan Bremnes and Elle Limebear, was held September 25.

Jaccie Kenyon, pastor of Church of the Open Bible in Iowa Falls, is on the Greenbelt concert committee. She hosts and arranges the green rooms for the bands and the production team and hosts all the meals.

Open Bible church members also sponsor food vendors and other booths at the concert with proceeds going toward support of the church’s children’s ministry, middle school and high school youth camps, and the church’s annual trip to Puente de Amistad, Open Bible’s mission base in Tijuana. Jaccie said, “This is an amazing opportunity to work together with other churches, listen to great music, and promote the ‘unity’ in our “community!”

See the full album here!

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