New Better Roads Podcasts Available For November

Open Bible is filled with fascinating people: entrepreneurs, pastors, church planters, first responders, authors, professors, parents of children with special needs, missionaries, and many others who have faced an array of challenges and victories. Be sure to watch for these podcasts. You will be treated to riveting stories of how God has led your fellow Open Bible family members and others connected to our family down some fascinating paths.  

As Randall says in his podcasts, “Everyone has a story to their journey, and God loves to participate in those stories.” 

Nicole Kerr

Nicole Kerr and her husband, Aaron, have two beautiful little boys. But the path to those delights was filled with five miscarriages. Five times Nicole was pregnant, only to experience loss again and again. It was not a road the Kerrs chose but it was theirs to travel. How does one deal with repeated loss and grieving? How do you keep hope alive when it has been dashed so many times? Randall and Nicole converse in this episode of Better Roads about God’s loving care coupled with personal, faith-filled resolve. If you are dealing with loss or evaporating hope, this conversation could be for you. You will also receive helpful insights from Nicole about how to be a friend to someone who is walking a painful journey. 

Gary Wyatt

Gary Wyatt is the lead pastor of Sure House Open Bible Church in Tacoma, Washington, a recording artist, and a member of Open Bible’s Unity Commission, which is committed to racial reconciliation and healing. In this episode of Better Roads, Randall and Gary talk about racial issues and how Gary processes them as both a Christian and African American. Gary emphasizes, “I am not just a black man who is a Christian – I am a Christian who is a black man.” Gary’s joy, candor, and infectious humor will warm your heart. You can check out Gary’s music at 

The Road to Racial Reconciliation, a free Bible study by the Unity Commission, can be downloaded at

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