New Better Roads Podcasts Available For June

Open Bible is filled with fascinating people: entrepreneurs, pastors, church planters, first responders, authors, professors, parents of children with special needs, missionaries, and many others who have faced an array of challenges and victories. Be sure to watch for these podcasts. You will be treated to riveting stories of how God has led your fellow Open Bible family members and others connected to our family down some fascinating paths.  

As Randall says in his podcasts, “Everyone has a story to their journey, and God loves to participate in those stories.” 

Kelley Mast

Kelley Mast and his wife, Hannah, passionately love and care about children. In addition to serving as an assistant pastor in Kearney, Nebraska, Kelley serves at a nonprofit that encourages and facilitates foster care of children. He is continually learning about children’s needs and stories and helping prospective foster care parents discover and navigate a pathway to serving. Kelley and Hannah do much more than talk. They walk out their passion, having served as both foster and adoptive parents. They heard from God and are following Him, not always knowing where that will lead. How does a couple prayerfully consider and begin the process of foster parenting? Are there people who should not become foster parents? What are the challenges and rewards? In this episode of Better Roads, Randall and Kelley discuss foster parenting, the Masts’ journey, and the Better Roads Kelley has chosen that were pivotal to who and what he is today. 

Mone Cavan

How does a professional pharmacist who is a mother of six children, wife of a pastor, and a homeschooling partner with her husband keep her life organized and sane? Enter exhibit A: Mone Cavan. In this episode of Better Roads Randall and Mone converse about the multiple challenges upon Mone’s plate and how she maintains personal balance in spirituality, love and discipline with the kids, schooling, home chores, and relationship with Chris, her husband. Does she get any sleep? When is her favorite time of the day? What responsibilities do the children assume? How does she think about and process her busy life? Join Randall in exploring the thriving life and well-being of Mone Cavan, on Better Roads

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