Little Piece of Heaven on Earth 

By Missionaries Mike and Pam Lumbard 

A great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne ” (Revelation 7:9, NIV). 

This verse shows that God loves culture! John did not just describe this scene as a “great multitude” around the throne. He went on to break down the multitude as being filled with every nation, tribe, people, and language! Even in heaven God recognizes and values different cultures. It is easy to quote that “God so loved the world,” but this verse in Revelation demonstrates that God will accomplish His goal; His love will reach the world. 

Young man on the streets responds to Jesus.
A young man on the streets responds to Jesus.

We can see the heart of God more clearly as we learn to value what He values. Ministry that embraces people from every nation, tribe, people group, and language begins to demonstrate God’s love. 

We have been missionaries to the country of Trinidad and Tobago since 2010, and it has been our desire and dream to lead people from multiple countries on mission trips together, to have several nations coming together to take Jesus to the world and demonstrate God’s love for all cultures.  

In March of 2023 we experienced the realization of this dream as believers from Trinidad and Tobago joined believers from the States and believers in Mexico to minister God’s love to people in Tijuana, Mexico. The logistics for this to happen and the obstacles to overcome were extremely challenging, but God continually demonstrated that He is in charge of our plans. 

A man in a wheelchair responds to Jesus.

God enabled this diverse group to work in harmony from the first day. The team ministered effectively and experienced daily divine appointments. In ten days, forty-two people prayed to become followers of Jesus, including one young man who had been raised in the States. He had been a gifted student with a full-ride scholarship before his life fell apart. The day we met him on the streets, he was searching desperately for answers, unable to see any way for his life to turn around. Our team showed him hope in Jesus. As our team headed home, a forty-third person accepted Jesus on a plane somewhere over Mexico as one of our team members prayed with the man seated next to him. 

We are praising God that His great love still brings breakthrough in people’s lives. 

About the Author

Mike and Pamela Lumbard are directors of the School of Global Leadership, a missions training school in Trinidad and Tobago. They teach future missionaries how to have God’s heart for the world and God’s heart for the lost. Through on-the-job training and missions intensives, they show people how to live and minister cross-culturally. Mike and Pam are visionary leaders with a heart for the lost and hurting. 

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