Philip Botts Commissioned as Chaplain for the Marine Corps

Philip Botts, an ordained Open Bible minister and enlisted seaman, was commissioned as a chaplain for the United States Navy on December 31, 2023. Upon completing Officer Development School, Philip will be attached to the 1st Marine Division, 1st Marine Regiment in Pendleton, CA. He will be serving as the only Open Bible military chaplain to the Marine Corps.

Though Philip was officially commissioned in December aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Red Sea, he was later blessed by his church, Living Hope Church in Williamsburg, VA, in January 2024. Philip’s church family is praying for him, his wife Amy, and their three children as they begin this new season of ministry. Philip’s pastor, Bill Francavilla, said, “When I first met Pastor Philip, I immediately recognized his drive and passion for theology. Three years later, he not only has exceeded my expectations but is now one of my closest friends. We are sorry to see him leave Virginia, but we can’t wait to hear the testimonies brought forth from his upcoming ministry.”

Chaplain Terry Meek, National Director of Open Bible’s Chaplain Ministries, said, “Chaplain Botts knew exactly what God called him to do. He never wavered but kept moving forward despite the obstacles in the way. God calls, equips, and resources our ministries.”

Philip shares that while this has been a long road and tough transition, he thanks God for getting him to this commission and his Open Bible family for all their love and support.

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