Open Bible Church Planters from All Regions Gather at Exponential Conference 

In March of 2024, fifty church planters and leaders from Open Bible gathered in Orlando, Florida, along with approximately 5,000 others for Exponential, a global conference equipping leaders with resources and fresh vision to multiply God’s Kingdom through church planting.  

Over 5,000 church leaders attended the 2024 Exponential Conference

In addition to attending Exponential conference sessions and workshops, church planters from all five regions of Open Bible gathered for two evenings, sharing dinner, getting to know one another, and having collaborative training and prayer times. Despite their being from different states and backgrounds, those present quickly bonded. Experienced church planters from Vermont shared their advice with soon-to-be planters in Oregon. Planters from New Orleans tearfully shared their story and found common ground with planters from Iowa. All sorts of ministry models were represented, with new churches meeting in everything from prisons to houses, to an old wedding chapel, to a construction company’s office. Church planters ranged in age from early twenties to late fifties. What all of them had in common was creativity, a sense of adventure, and a commitment to share Jesus in the places where they had been called. 

On their first evening together, President Michael Nortune met with the church planters and leaders to share his “Mission to Multiply.” Forty-six Open Bible ministers were present at this “round table” gathering, including four regional directors, two national board members, as well as several Open Bible church planting coaches and pastors of “mother” or “sending” churches. After President Nortune shared, these veteran leaders laid hands on and prayed for the church planters being sent out. Amidst all of this was a profound sense of unity. 

Theron Peyton II, Youth Director at Restoration Point Church in Tacoma, Washington, and future church planter captured this sense of unity well: “My wife and I have had the honor of being visiting ministers at several Open Bible churches. Every church we visit is so inviting; it seems as though each church copies and pastes how to make everyone feel like family. When we spent time with leaders and pastors from all over the nation at Exponential, I got to experience how these Open Bible leaders carry a reflection of Christ’s unity.” 

Open Bible church planters gather for fun and fellowship

George Williams, Open Bible East Director of Multiplication, summed up the heart behind the gathering: “We all attend churches that brave pioneers once started. Open Bible as a movement was started by faith-filled risk takers, willing to step out into uncertainty for the sake of King Jesus: starting new gatherings, preaching the gospel in unfamiliar places, and making new disciples. This pioneering spirit is once again being cultivated within Open Bible.” 

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