Who’s In Print?

Delores Winegar, a member of First Church of the Open Bible in Des Moines, Iowa, and former executive secretary for Open Bible’s Global Missions, has published Mary, the Lord’s Servant. 

Within this Scripture-based novel, Delores weaves together biblical truths, historical facts, and archeological discoveries around the story of Mary, revealing the characters surrounding Jesus’ life as the real people they were. Inspired by her trip to Israel, the modern country that still boasts the same hills, mountains, and Sea of Galilee that the characters of the Bible called home, Mary, the Lord’s Servant is a powerful account of Mary’s God-given calling.

When asked why she chose to write the book, Delores said,

Biblical characters were real people, and I want to help other people to think of them as real people as well. I love to tie history and archeology to the Bible to show that the Bible is not fantasy, but rather a record of history.”

Mary, the Lord’s Servant is available through Xulon Press, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. If you would like to comment on the book or order it directly from Delores, contact her at [email protected].

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