MOVE – Building for Eternity

Recently National MOVE Director Aaron Keller, Director of Construction Dave Bethany, and their team of 27 men returned from Tijuana, Mexico, where they built a feeding kitchen in five days! The project was completed on May 7, 2021, and was already in use the next day. 

Earlier in the year missionaries Travis and Heather Hunsaker, directors of Puente de Amistad in Tijuana, had connected Aaron and his team to the church in Tijuana that had been running the feeding kitchen through their church hallway. They had been serving 100 kids every day from a hallway that was approximately six feet by twenty feet. Community leaders gave the church a property to build the new feeding kitchen.  

Members of of the School of Global Leadership (SGL) Trinidad, along with directors Mike and Pam Lumbard, joined the MOVE team in Tijuana.

After hearing the vision of the church’s pastor, Abelino Jacome, the MOVE leadership team decided to step out in faith to do the build. They needed $23,000 for the project, and God provided in a big way.  

“In two months’ time we raised $29,000 toward building materials,” Aaron said. “God had answered their prayers and had stretched our faith. Every man on our team was touched by the faith of the church leaders and their dedication to the local community. They are incredible people that don’t let circumstances slow them down. They just work within their resources and minister to their community. We could all learn from their example. 

“Our team was greatly blessed by the experience of working together. Our worship and devotion times were rich with the presence of the Lord. Some on our team were in the midst of loss and brokenness. The Lord met them, and by faith they began the journey back to spiritual and emotional well-being. Working with the directors of Travis and Heather Hunsaker and their staff was a tremendous blessing as was interacting with missionaries Mike and Pam Lumbard, the directors of the School of Global Leadership (SGL) Trinidad, and the SGL students. I believe the team’s testimony will leave a lasting, godly impression in this community. MOVE is building for eternity.”  

MOVE Ministries is pleased to announce two upcoming projects: a nine-day fall trip to the Dominican Republic to build classrooms for a school connected to Church on the Rock, an Open Bible church located in Santo Domingo, and a sixteen-day winter trip to Jamaica to build a dormitory for the youth camp. The trip to the Dominican Republic is scheduled for October 15 – 23, 2021, and will cost participants $2,200. The trip to Jamaica is scheduled for January 25 – February 11, 2022, and will cost $2,900. For more information about either of these trips, go to . 

Through the ministries of MOVE, men are emboldened with a vision to enhance ministries around the world by constructing churches and other ministry buildings.  In the process many find the relationship connections they have always been searching for.  MOVE changes men’s lives at home and overseas, from the man hidden in the back of the sanctuary to the pastor behind the pulpit!

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