Movement: Empowering a New Generation of Leaders

This fall leaders from Open Bible churches across the country are going to gather under the direction of Pastor Michael Nortune to take the next step in developing Movement, a ministry created to reach and empower a new generation of leaders through Community, Cause, and Calling.  

Movement is designed to mobilize Generation Z and their leaders, to invite them to discover community with peers who are sold out for God, capture their hearts with commitment to a cause much bigger than themselves, and empower them to discover how God uniquely designed them so they can fulfill the calling God has for them. This will ultimately empower a new generation of leaders to lead in the local church, their community, the marketplace, Open Bible, the broader kingdom of God, and EVERY arena they influence.  

Mike Nortune said:

The Movement’s fundamental priority is not what we can get from them, but what we want for them. By creating a culture and identity that will be embraced by a new generation of leaders, we will inspire a shared vision and commitment to New Generation leaders that connects local churches along with regional and national levels of Open Bible Churches to create a movement that can transform lives, churches, communities, and Open Bible itself. This is more than just another ‘program’; it really is a mandate that we must pursue because ‘tomorrow starts today.’”

Mike Nortune

“We are at a strategic hinge in American history,” said Open Bible President Randall Bach. “The Boomer generation that has long dominated leadership and culture is aging and stepping off center stage. Meanwhile, many members of Generation Z (twenty-somethings) are becoming the leading edge of a new religious description in America, the ‘nones.’ Nones have no religious preference, preferring an eclectic, mix-your-own religious outlook and philosophy. A massive turnover of church leadership is underway while the potential successor pool has been dwindling. We must be proactive in reversing that trend.  

“Many members of Gen Z are unsure of their purpose and usefulness in life. They need something, more like Someone, to seize their hearts with mission, energy, and a sense of purpose. They can be won, discipled, and developed into a new vanguard of dedicated servants for the Lord. But we must make that vision a priority.” 

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