GREATER: Don’t Settle for Good When There’s Greater

Gary Khan, lead pastor of Desert Streams Church of the Open Bible in Santa Clarita, California, has released another book entitled Greater: Don’t Settle for Good When There’s Greater 

In this 28-day devotional we will look at God’s desire to give us: 

  • Greater intimacy, 
  • Greater insight, 
  • Greater increase, and 
  • Greater influence. 

So many of us have this idea that we don’t want to impose on the generosity of God. We don’t want to presume on His goodness because even though we would not actually come out and say it, we believe there is a limit to it. We settle for God’s good when He desires us to go for Greater! In His love and grace, God wants to give you greater provision, greater abundance, greater revelation, greater joy . . . . 
Go for Greater!

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