Portland Open Bible Helps Distribute AC Units to the Needy

The compassionate care that the Portland Open Bible Community Food Pantry in Portland, Oregon, has offered their community in Portland, Oregon, has not gone unnoticed. Recently Oregon has been experiencing extreme heat waves. Last year’s heat wave, which resulted in the deaths of nearly one hundred people in the area, prompted the Oregon legislature to allocate nearly five million dollars this year to buy air conditioning units for high-risk Oregonians. The Oregon Health Authority knew who to turn to for help distributing these units: the Open Bible Community Food Pantry. 

Betty Brown, the pantry’s executive director, reported that OHA wanted to know if the pantry could be a hub for Multnomah County, the county in Oregon that experiences the most heat-related deaths. Open Bible agreed to accept 350 of the 3,000 air conditioners that were purchased by the state and, working with other community-based organizations, was able to distribute all units within a few days to those on Medicare, the disabled, and individuals with newborns who were under the poverty line.  

The food pantry operates out of the Open Bible Church of Portland, pastored by Aaron Brown. Local news agencies were quick to pick up on the story. You may view a couple of these reports at this link: 

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