Surprise Celebration for Message Editor 

On September 1 the national office staff surprised Andrea Johnson with a celebration of her 25 years as editor of the Message magazine. Andrea’s husband, Dennis, joined (and kept secret) the delightful time of joyful memories. People from across the nation participated in the secret conspiracy by sending notes of appreciation that were incorporated into a pictorial memory book along with thumbnail photos of all editions of the Message that were under Andrea’s editorial guidance. The memory book was compiled and designed by Nicole Kerr. Clearly, Andrea is loved and appreciated by many people.

The memory book, compiled and designed by Nicole Kerr, shows a collection of every printed
Message magazine that Andrea has been involved with.  

President Randall Bach commented, “Andrea’s influence in our office goes beyond the Message. Her spiritual maturity and insights, along with her gentle and kind love, make a daily impact. Plus, she has played an instrumental role in the development and writing of several books during her time in the office. Andrea proofs what I write and often saves me from the embarrassment of a poorly written sentence, plus she helps write scripts that I use for videos. In short, Andrea is a major blessing.”  

In responding to her surprise celebration and book of memories Andrea said:
“I am overwhelmed, blessed, and humbled by the kindness everyone has shown through this celebration. I so appreciate those who took time to write notes of appreciation for the memory book, which I treasure, and for all the kind comments people have written on Facebook. I want to publicly thank President Bach for taking a chance on me all those years ago, all the amazing staff with which I have had the privilege of working, my husband for his support, and all the encouraging readers who take the time to connect with the Message. I have the best job in the world getting to help tell the testimonies of God working through people who sacrificially and faithfully serve Him around the globe. I am inspired by so many of you who have shared those reports. It’s important to keep telling our stories and giving God the glory for all He does!” 

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