New Better Roads Podcasts Available For October

Open Bible is filled with fascinating people: entrepreneurs, pastors, church planters, first responders, authors, professors, parents of children with special needs, missionaries, and many others who have faced an array of challenges and victories. Be sure to watch for these podcasts. You will be treated to riveting stories of how God has led your fellow Open Bible family members and others connected to our family down some fascinating paths.  

As Randall says in his podcasts, “Everyone has a story to their journey, and God loves to participate in those stories.” 

Deodath Mathai

Pastor Deodath Mathai began his life journey in Trinidad. When he embraced Christ as Savior and Lord, Deodath’s people, of Hindu belief, shunned him. He faced a lonely journey, but he loved the Lord and was committed to Him. Deodath went to the Open Bible Institute, where he fell in love with and married Jean, and the two soon began pastoring. Partly in response to a prophetic word, the couple chose to migrate to the United States. God led them to pastor a church in West Palm Beach, Florida, with only four people in attendance. In the years since, God has blessed the Mathais, and today, New Horizon Worship Center is a thriving, multicultural church. In this episode of Better Roads Deodath talks about his journey, shares insights he has learned about growing a multicultural church, and celebrates the better roads he has taken in life that directly impact who he is and the ministry effectiveness he is experiencing today.

David Bethany

Dave Bethany has traveled with MOVE ministries on 32 trips, constructing buildings around the world. For many of those trips he has served as the director of construction. A man who owns his own construction company and consulting service in Los Angeles, Dave gives anywhere from three to five weeks each year, investing not just in construction of buildings, but also in the building of men. In this episode of Better Roads, Dave converses with Randall about his experiences, the miracles God has performed, and the life-giving work God has been doing in the lives of men who join a MOVE team. To learn more about MOVE, apply to go on a construction trip, or contribute, go to Encourage someone else to go as well!

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