New Better Roads Podcasts Available For February

Open Bible is filled with fascinating people: entrepreneurs, pastors, church planters, first responders, authors, professors, parents of children with special needs, missionaries, and many others who have faced an array of challenges and victories. Be sure to watch for these podcasts. You will be treated to riveting stories of how God has led your fellow Open Bible family members and others connected to our family down some fascinating paths.  

As Randall says in his podcasts, “Everyone has a story to their journey, and God loves to participate in those stories.” 

LeAnna McIntyre

LeAnna McIntyre faithfully served in multiple leadership roles at The Bridge Open Bible Church in Springfield, Oregon, for twenty years. She did not realize it in the early years, but God was preparing her to assume the senior pastor role for the church. How did she transition from serving as a fellow member of the church, just one of several peer leaders, to becoming the leader and shepherd of the church? And, as important, how did other people process and work with that transition? In this edition of Better Roads, LeAnna discusses with Randall her journey to becoming lead pastor. She also offers an insightful word of encouragement for other women who feel the Lord has prepared and called them to leadership but find that not many, if any, doors of opportunity are open. What should be their response? Leanna is a joyfully passionate and direct communicator and encourager. Men and women alike will respond to her winsomeness.

Bill Burchit

Bill Burchit and Natalie, his wife, were feeling stirred to plant a church. With their daughter entering her teen years and their son ready to head off to college, the Burchits had been prayerfully contemplating how God would use them at this new season of family life. Bill served as a staff pastor at Hope Church of Northwest Arkansas and Natalie was a realtor. Their lead pastor, Jim Brewer, and the church were ready and willing to sponsor the church plant with resources of people and funds. And then the surprising news came: there would be an unexpected addition to the Burchit family! Should they push forward on the church plant anyway, or should they hit the pause button while bringing another infant into this world and navigating the busyness that the newborn season brings? In this edition of Better Roads, Bill discusses with Randall the process that he and Natalie went through in their decision-making process about Canvas Church, the church plant they pastor today, and about the better roads Bill recognizes as providing an important doorway to how God is using the Burchits today. 

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