After this September issue, the Message of the Open Bible will be on hiatus for a couple of months following the retirement of Andrea Johnson and the transition of Open Bible Churches’ presidency. 

From its first issue in 1932, when it was called the Open Bible Messenger until now, the Message of the Open Bible has served as Open Bible’s official communication vehicle. Its purpose has been to inspire, inform, and unify the Open Bible family. Its pages have been filled with inspiring stories, informative articles, and educational resources. 

The Message of the Open Bible has undergone several transformations during its years of publication. In 1991 Randall A. Bach, then the Communications and Resources Director, with the help of Managing Editor Delores Winegar, upgraded its image, changing to four-color and professional design. Their efforts were recognized by the Evangelical Press Association, which bestowed upon it the Award of Merit.  

After having served as Open Bible’s mouthpiece in print for more than eight decades, the Message of the Open Bible switched exclusively to a free online platform in September of 2019. Going exclusively with the online version of the Message magazine enabled Open Bible to better steward resources and provide high quality communication to a much larger audience around the world.  

Anticipating changes in the magazine’s direction, retiring Managing Editor Andrea Johnson said, “It is time for a fresh vision for how best to communicate in our current culture. I look forward to the innovative ideas Open Bible leadership will implement to keep our Open Bible family inspired, informed, and connected!”  

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