A SureHouse on the Hilltop

Gary Wyatt, Sr. had three consecutive dreams in March 1994. In each dream Pastor Wyatt was sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to men and women in the streets of the Hilltop District of Tacoma, Washington.

As a result of the dreams and reading 1 Samuel 2:35, that says, “I will build him a sure house,” Gary, supported and accompanied by his wife, Joclyen Cheryl Wyatt, moved from Baltimore to Tacoma and founded SureHouse on the Hilltop. 

This pastor, musician, and author has been prayer walking his church’s community for the past 18 years, praying for gang members, drug addicts, prostitutes, churches, pastors, and businesses. As a result, he has built many relationships within the community and souls have been saved. He has become known as the community pastor, the one to call especially when someone dies. During a funeral for one of the most notorious individuals in the community, twelve people received Christ.   

Other miracles are also taking place. A couple in the church were trying to have a child, but the wife kept having miscarriages because of abortions she had as a teen. In January of 2017 Pastor Wyatt and other church members prayed over her, reversing the curse of abortion, and pronounced over her that she would give birth to a child in nine months. A healthy son was born the following September.

In August of 2018 the church launched HOPE HOUSE. HOPE stands for Helping Our People Excel. Located in a small home adjacent to the church, HOPE HOUSE provided housing and training for two homeless young men. After being provided food, shelter, accountability, and mentoring for nearly three months, one of the young recruits relapsed into drugs and was incarcerated. However, the other young man graduated from the Tacoma Training Employment Program at Bates Technical College on December 14 and was employed by the City of Tacoma Water Department. The miracle is that although the two young men were friends, the failure of the one did not hinder the success of the other. HOPE HOUSE continues its endeavors. 

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