Five Steps to Change Your Life Story

A “story.” We all have one. I sure do, having been a preacher’s kid whose spiritual life looked like it had all the right stuff. In reality, it was just part of the role I played in “the family business.” My job was to sing and pray and play the piano. Oh, and be a good girl.

We’ve all told the back stories – some shocking, all unique, some with a few facts omitted. Stirring inside our beings is a different side of the story – the real story, the story from God’s perspective as opposed to how we’ve been telling it. The theme of this story is no longer shameful or embarrassing or prideful because it is a story of joy and excitement based on God’s gifts of forgiveness and redemption. We are retelling our story from a place of restoration instead of confession. How about changing our perspective, the way we tell our stories? This simplistic structure works for me:

  • Quit telling the old version.

  • Ask God to reveal a new version.

  • Stick with the facts, but look at them from God’s perspective.

  • Be authentic in the telling, but exchange embarrassment or shame for peace and gratefulness because of what God has done.

  • Tell of the gifts of forgiveness and redemption you’ve received. Retell your story with a voice of joyful restoration.

Life is good, and it can be better as our perspective aligns with God’s.

About the Author

Jan Kent, an Open Bible credentialed minister, received a B.A. in organizational leadership from George Fox University in Oregon and certification as a life coach. Her mission is be an encourager and communicator, fulfilling God’s plan, purpose, and will for her life. Jan and her husband, Jamon Kent, live with their two dogs in Eugene, Oregon.

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