Joshua Grimes Reappointed as East Region Executive Director

Open Bible Churches is pleased to announce that Joshua Grimes’ reappointment as regional executive director has been ratified by the East Region ministers.  

The appointment process began in prayerful consultation with all members of the regional board, continued with a leadership assessment and conferral with Joshua about the findings, was followed by President Randall Bach’s appointment and national board approval, and concluded with the regional ministers’ ratification. That is a multi-layered, confirmational witness. 

Rev. Grimes said,

We want to personally thank everyone involved in the reappointment process and for extending us your grace and confidence. Melissa and I do not take the trust you have placed in us lightly! We hold on to the mandate that we truly are “Better Together,” and together we can Make Disciples, Develop Leaders, Foster Healthy Ministers and Churches, Plant New Churches, and Send More Missionaries! This is an exciting season to serve the Lord. Melissa and I count it a joy that we get to serve alongside you all!”

Joshua has served as the East Region Executive Director since July 1, 2018. Before that time he served as a pastor and as Open Bible East’s regional youth director. His new four-year term as executive director will begin on July 1, 2022, and extend through June 30, 2026.

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