Gary Khan Appointed Marketplace Chaplains Executive Director of Operations for Southern California 

On February 1, 2022, Gary Khan began his new position with Marketplace Chaplains as Executive Director of Operations for Southern California, 520 division.  

In this capacity Gary hires, trains, and deploys chaplains to provide care for employees in businesses across Southern California. Open Bible Churches partners with Marketplace Chaplains to work with company owners and other business leaders to provide support for the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of their employees. Marketplace chaplains are available to give resources, counsel, and direction for a range of issues such as depression, suicide, mental health struggles, addictions, relationships, financial stresses, and a host of other concerns. They help walk families through the loss of loved ones – from informing families of the loss to serving at the funeral if needed. They also provide seminars and classes for leaders on leadership development.   

When asked what prompted him to join Marketplace Chaplains, Gary said,

For 32 years [serving] as a pastor, I was trying to reach lost people and invite them into the church. This job takes me directly to so many people who would never darken the door of a church but with whom I am now encouraged and invited to build relationships. I felt this job gave me all the things I was good at and passionate about in pastoring – reaching and loving lost people and training chaplains to be the best salt and light possible. I am looking forward to the future in Marketplace and the many people who will come to know Jesus as a result of this amazing ministry.” 

Gary Khan is the former pastor of Desert Streams Church of the Open Bible in Santa Clarita, California, and currently serves on the Open Bible National Board of Directors. He is the third Open Bible director hired by Marketplace Chaplains. Kwabea Francis is Director of Operations, South Region, and Karen Bobst is Director of Operations, Pacific Northwest Region. 

The workplace environment has been referred to as the largest mission field in the world. Since 1984 Marketplace Chaplains has served public and private companies, small and large, in all industries in the U.S., serving auto dealers, banks, food processing and distribution firms, manufacturing, mining, technical companies, and many more.   

Because of Open Bible’s partnership with Marketplace Chaplains, when Marketplace needs a chaplain, Open Bible ministers are considered prime prospects. If you believe God is calling you to the mission field of the American workforce, click this link: 

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