He Gets Us 

If you watched the Super Bowl on television, you probably saw the ads for “He Gets Us.” The two “He Gets Us” commercials that aired during the Super Bowl, Be Childlike and Love Your Enemies, reached over 100 million viewers. And they’ve received quite the response! 

The message of Jesus’ confounding love was rated higher than big brands such as Disney, Jeep, Pringles, and TurboTax. According to the USA Today: Ad Meter, they ranked number 8 and number 15 out of 51 total Super Bowl commercials! 

“He Gets Us” is the largest marketing campaign in history geared to introducing people to Jesus, using television, billboards, and other media to present professional commercials and ads with simple but needs-oriented themes. Interested people are invited to call a number on the screen to learn more about Jesus.  

The campaign began before the Super Bowl and will likely continue for at least another year or two. The ads are not designed to present the full message of evangelism, but rather to serve as bridges for conversation with people who can visit with respondents about the reality of Jesus. When a person responds to the ads, the “He Gets Us” team provides participating churches with the person’s contact information so those churches can then follow up with individuals who wish to be contacted.  

Open Bible Church of Rapid City, South Dakota, is one of the participating churches. The church’s lead pastor, Randy Brock, reported that as of the Monday following the Super Bowl they had already followed up with seven individuals and were expecting to contact more. People from another participating church, Experience Church of the Open Bible in Des Moines, Iowa, pastored by Charles Cole, were also excited about the campaign. Several jumped in to participate with daily prayer leading up to the Super Bowl and they also followed up with the handful of contacts they received.

Open Bible President Randall A. Bach said, “What I love about the ‘He Gets Us’ campaign is the commitment to partner with churches. They are not trying to go around us; they want to work with and through us to reach our culture for Christ.” 

To take advantage of this opportunity, contact your Open Bible Regional Executive Director or go to .

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