Better Roads Podcast

Open Bible President Randall A. Bach launched a new podcast in January called Better Roads. This podcast will feature conversations with people from a variety of backgrounds about their life journeys.  

He said, “So often we can better see and understand our own experiences by learning from someone else’s journey. We are never alone! There is always someone who has walked or is walking a path similar to ours, and it is encouraging to recognize how God is guiding them. By listening to their journeys, we can be encouraged to select better roads for our own lives.” 

The first Better Roads podcast features Randall’s interview with Dannette DeLaMatter, a young mom whose life was turned upside down when her son was born with Down syndrome. 

We choose many roads during our lifetimes, some of them harmful. Others, although not necessarily harmful, are not the roads God wants us to walk. Then there are Better Roads – roads that lead us to walk in alignment with God and His preferred will for us. Initially Better Roads podcasts will be uploaded monthly. 

Check out Better Roads here.

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