Supernatural Provision

By Tera Kaiser

On May 3, 2020, a huge hailstorm swept through Rapid City, South Dakota, where my kids and I live. I was away from the house with a friend when the storm hit. When I returned, I was dismayed to see from the car that my skylights were shattered. Before I even exited my friend’s vehicle, I texted Sharon Hansen, a friend from church whose husband, Jim, had just been at my house a week earlier to fix one of my skylights that was already leaking. The sight inside the house wasn’t any better. Hail was pooled in each skylight, and it was raining in both of my bathrooms.

Jim came and boarded up the skylights to keep them from allowing any more damage and informed me that there was extensive damage to my roof and to my vinyl siding. I called and filed an insurance claim to begin the repair process but received a low insurance settlement. I wasn’t sure how I would pay for all the repairs, so I prayed about it.

Part of the volunteer work crew (left to right): Jim Hansen, Brice Molitor, Rich Styles, Gaylord Brumbaugh, and Jason Holdaway

This scenario set in motion a series of miraculous provisions that unfolded over the next few months. It would be difficult to name every miracle that God granted my family. A few of them include donated siding, corners, soffit, trim, building materials, house wrap, deck materials, insulation, gutters, downspouts, and so much more. But even better than the “things” God provided were the amazing people He provided. What an encouragement to my family’s faith! More than 22 men from our church, Open Bible Church of Rapid City, and the community along with many companies in the area provided time, talent, and resources to make our house into a beautiful new home! I am thankful to have witnessed the body of Christ in action.

On May 15, Jim called to say that the owner of a company had donated all I needed to re-side my entire house! He even said if I needed anything else to purchase it and charge it to him! We began to line up men to help with this massive project, and Jim contacted some roofers. The roofers came early on a Saturday morning, and while they worked, Jim permanently boarded up the skylights. Within half a day, I had a brand-new roof! 

On June 4 another terrifying hailstorm swept through the city. The kids and I huddled in the middle of the living room praying the windows wouldn’t break and the new roof wouldn’t be ruined. Praise God! The roof was still good and no windows broke! The storm did, however, cause more damage to the siding, which turned out to be yet another blessing from God. The insurance company allowed the additional damage to be added to the already existing claim, making it possible for me to purchase a new furnace and air conditioning unit. This blessing was amazing because it was something that God knew I needed badly since I am unable to breathe well when temperatures are too hot or too cold.

During the next few months people continued to bless my family. On Fridays and Saturdays men were making all kinds of repairs. Besides re-siding my house, they first raised one side of my house that was low and fixed a window that wouldn’t open. They replaced two doors and installed a new window in my son’s room. Someone donated new gutters and downspouts. For the first time since owning this home, rain didn’t come pouring in by my front door. Many other minor repairs were also taken care of. The guys even repaired the boards on my back porch that were rotting, making it safe for my kids. They also completely rebuilt the front porch and installed custom-made railings. So much time and thought went into the whole project – so many hours, days, weeks, and months. But God knew what He was doing and what was to come of all of this. My family is blessed, and because of that, I am able to share my testimony and shine His light for all to see. This is the body of Christ in action!

Before (May 2020) and after (November 2020)

About the Author

Tera Kaiser is a single mom to three wonderful children. The family started attending Open Bible Church of Rapid City about seven years ago. Tera has worked on staff at the church for over three years. She has a passion for women’s ministry as well as teaching children. Tera loves going for bike rides or hikes with her children and friends.

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