We Believe For Kids: Who is God?

We are excited to announce that We Believe For Kids: Who is God? will be available to Open Bible churches this coming fall. We Believe For Kids: Who is God? is the first in a series of three doctrinal instructional books for fifth and sixth graders.   

It is no secret that our public educational system and much of media target our children, attempting to undermine and corrupt their understanding about and relationship with God. Children and youth are increasingly besieged with anti-biblical messages and values. Churches need to seize the initiative and ground our youth in what the Word of God instructs us to believe.  

Bible stories alone, without an understanding of foundational truth, are not enough to ground our kids in the faith. Teaching them to “help those in need,” a lesson they might learn from the story of the Good Samaritan, is good, but that does not help them understand why they need to cling to the Word of God as truth or why we believe there is only one God and one way to be saved or why we believe God – not we and not our culture – gets to decide what is right and wrong.     

To help church leaders see the caliber of We Believe For Kids! we are sending Open Bible churches a complimentary copy of the first book written by top children’s workers, designed by our creatives, and produced in full color. This will be a great option for the 2021-22 instructional year. Be watching for your package!! 

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