Ben Hines Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

Ben Hines, an Open Bible military chaplain serving in the U.S. Army, was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on November 8, 2021. He is currently serving at Fort Hood, Texas, as the 166th Aviation Brigade Chaplain.  

Ben would like to thank his Open Bible family for their love and support along with the outstanding leadership of mentors over the past twenty years, including Dr. Phil Newell, Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) John Simmons USAF (Retired), Chaplain (Rear Admiral) Bob Burt USN (Deceased), and Chaplain (Colonel) Terry Meek USAR (Retired). 

Chaplain Terry Meek, National Director of Open Bible’s Chaplain Ministries, said, “Ben and his family have been a great witness to the military service members they serve of Christ’s presence in the world and demonstrate what our Open Bible family brings to the world.” 

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