Bill Jimenez Retires as Open Bible Mountains Plains Executive Director 

After serving faithfully for eight years as Mountain Plains Region Executive Director, J. William (Bill) Jimenez stepped away from the position effective December 31, 2022. 

Randall A. Bach said, “Bill and his wife, Wanda, have been faithful wherever they served. They developed both a heart and hardiness as missionaries that have served them well as pastors, daycare directors, and regional executive director. They passionately love the Lord and people. The Jimenezes’ years in leadership of Mountain Plains Region have been marked by a deepening of relationships within the region, pursuit of a coaching culture, and investment in people. We salute Bill and Wanda, who continue as pastors of Living Faith Church of the Open Bible in Omaha, Nebraska, and as directors of the church’s daycare.” 

Bill and Wanda have served in Open Bible since 1975, having pastored in Iowa and Nebraska. During his tenure as RED, the region invested in improving the health and number of leaders in the region through conferences and coaching. He worked on developing ethnic ministries and championing youth camps. In 2018 the region awarded ten scholarships to First Nations youth so they could participate in camps. Bill also renovated the Mountain Plains website, including translating it into Spanish. 

Bill said, “It has been a joy serving the pastors of Mountain Plains Region and investing in their ministries. I have enjoyed helping them fulfill God’s calling on their lives.” 

Bill and Wanda have five children and twelve grandchildren.

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