A Year in the Word with Blaine

Open Bible evangelist and musician Blaine Bowman has written a 365-day devotional, Bible study guide, and sermon starter all in one called A Year in the Word with Blaine. Based on 49 years of ministry, the book’s pages are filled with inspiration, challenges, and even holy humor that will enrich the lives of laity and ministers alike!  

Blaine said, “The single greatest thing that will produce transformation in the life of a believer is a continual reading and application of God’s Word. Too many Christians get their theology from the lyrics of worship songs and their own private books of ‘I-Say-So.’ The greatest need in our day is for the Word to be the final authority from the pulpit to the pew.” 

What others are saying: 

The same joy you experienced in his music you will experience in these pages. So get in a quiet place, ask the Lord to begin a new work within you, and watch the Holy Spirit put fresh wind in your sails.” 

Len Mink, Evangelist, Singer and Musician, Len Mink Ministries 

Blaine simply believes life is too short to not enjoy the journey and laugh along the way. If you know Blaine, then you know this description to be true. If you do not know him, welcome to Blaine’s World!” 

Randall A. Bach, President, Open Bible Churches, Des Moines, Iowa

To order, contact Blaine Bowman by email at treemendus1@msn, 
by phone at (513) 479-6700, or by mail at P.O. Box 100, South, Lebanon, Ohio, 45065. 

The book is also available on Amazon/Kindle. 

Cost – $22.00 

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