New Better Roads Podcasts Available For July!

Open Bible is filled with fascinating people: entrepreneurs, pastors, church planters, first responders, authors, professors, parents of children with special needs, missionaries, and many others who have faced an array of challenges and victories. Be sure to watch for these podcasts. You will be treated to riveting stories of how God has led your fellow Open Bible family members and others connected to our family down some fascinating paths.  

As Randall says in his podcasts, “Everyone has a story to their journey, and God loves to participate in those stories.” 

Chris Cavan

Chris Cavan is a husband, father of six children elementary age and younger, pastor, and digital media manager for Open Bible Churches. How does he coordinate all of those responsibilities? In this edition of Better Roads Randall visits with Chris about his journey and its challenges and joys.

Savannah Marten

Savannah Marten is the Executive Director of the Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. Under her leadership the center is committed to providing limited medical care for women and families, after-abortion care, and Soul Purpose, a national ministry piloted and launched by Savannah and her team with a goal of raising up college-age women in their value, worth, and identity. Abortion is such a strongly divisive and emotional topic, but Savannah demonstrates a heart and spirit that lovingly disarms heated arguments. She is passionately in love with Jesus (and her husband, Ryan) and sees life as an opportunity to lead as many people to heaven as possible. In this episode of Better Roads, Savannah offers insightful coaching for people who care about the pre-born and who want to please the Lord in living out that care.

To find a Pregnancy Center near you, go HERE.

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